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This journey is the heart and soul of this Web Site! It will enlighten you and bring you closer to God and Jesus then you ever have been before!
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Please check-out the two free online books. One is your very own Spiritual Journal and the other is a study-aid of Jesus's Teachings in His own words.
Find out who your ideal partner is!
Need some new cards to send? Would you like to be able to use your own image? This is a list of the best (free) E-card sites on the Web!
Click here for Weather Maps, Local Forecasts, and Storm Warnings,
If you cant find it here, you can't find it anywhere! Listed are all the major search engines plus a few specialized ones.

This menu has original games on it that are not only fun, but educational. Included are offsite links to the greatest free games online. Some even have real jackpots!
These are quality programs, all completely free, for you to download and use on your computer. Their quality will amaze you! Get them now while they are still available!
Click here to view and/or use this outstanding ASCII Artwork collection!
Very helpful tips for the computer, Internet, or webmaster novice.
Click here to either buy or make your own incense and bath stuff (free recipes!).
Click here to view pictures and information of currently missing children. Maybe you can help find one!
Included is an introduction page describing  this network and its purpose, a personal page from the creator of this Network, and viewing instructions to view these pages as they are designed to be seen.

Click here to find your soulmate, take a love test, visit Dear Abby, send love letters, love poems, or download a Valentine to send to your sweetheart.

Check out this very unique (and cute) Reference Center!Read The New York Times Headline NewsDaily CartoonLearn How to JuggleIf you like angels, you must check-out this free online book! You will love it!This is your very own Spiritual Journal, a small eight-page booklet that will help you grow spiritually. You can take notes and even save them with just a click of your mouse. Please check it out.All of Jesus's Teachings taken directly from the Holy Bible (KJV). This divinely-inspired book features a table of contents and an index for you to easily locate a specific teaching, or you can read it all the way through.If you wish to sign, or just view, our Guest Book, please click here.

Click here for a very nice website about trees. There are actual photos of the trees, leaves, fruit, and bark of the 100 species of trees and shrubs grown on the campus of the Iowa State University. These are pages you must see! They are guaranteed to bring out the kid in you!

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