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"The tragedy of life is what dies in man while he lives."
-- Albert Schweitzer

As one develops spiritually, he/she begins to tap into his/her own
higher resources (latent within). Manifesting these divine qualities
is what it's all about. A golden heart radiates warmth and life-giving
energy just like sunshine does.

As the sun gives of itself in order to reflect itself:

Consider a ray of sunshine reflecting its entire self in a mirror or lake;
so too, does God reflect "His" entire self in a pure heart with "His" own
ray of love. Imagine, receiving a literal piece of God! We all do.........
everday, unless we turn away. Just as in nature, to remain too long in
darkness means certain death. If hell is anything, it is a state of cold-
ness, darkness, decay and stagnation. Lacking the light and love of God,
there is no life! Imagine a world with no compassion, gentleness, gen-
erosity, or honesty, we'd end up killing each other, for sure. There would
be no purpose to life and no desire for living. Why, even animals have a
sense of compassion and nurturing, especially for their young. They too,
have heart and soul :0)

Rescuers of the Sea

Elian (Gonzalez, the 6-year-old Cuban refugee) was just a
tiny speck floating in the vast ocean. But he was not alone-
the dolphins had come to his rescue! The caring creatures
formed a circle around him, safeguarding him from deadly
sharks."When I got tired and started to fall under, the dolphins
would swim under me and push me up,"
Elian told his cousin.
"I never saw any sharks around me, just the dolphins."

---"Elian's Miracle of the Dolphins" 8 of the Star, April 18, 2000 issue.

Man's Best Friend

When Raised Correctly

Look at how sad this puppy is.
What do you think he needs?

An animal, especially dogs, are capable of reflecting our personalities. We, in turn,
are capable of reflecting God's personality because we were made in "His" image.

[Actually, God is ageless, genderless, and not just one human being. "He" (for lack
of a better term) is infathomable! Our feeble brains are not able to fully compre-
hend "Him". Even the most creative or intelligent human being on earth is but a part
of the whole of what God is. God is universal, and is more of an energy source
(an intelligent and creative energy source) then anything else. It is better to relate
more to Jesus, or another great spiritual teacher, since they were human beings
just like us! These special people have come into existence in every land, and
in every era of mankind's existence, to help us, the spiritually undeveloped,
grow more and more spiritually mature.]

The more love we manifest, the more God is manifested through us! In order to
become "one with God" our hearts/souls need to be as clear as the mirror below.
Using Jesus as the highest example, how clean do you think your "mirror" is?

To help you acquire the necessary "cleaning/polishing agents",
please click on the spray bottle below :0)

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